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Program Initiatives

Examples of ACC University athletics programs taking action to promote a more sustainable world.

There are countless examples of ACC Universities taking action to promote sustainability on their campuses dating back decades ago. Here you can find examples of more recent initiatives that athletics programs are implementing in their community to raise awareness and make positive changes to the environment in which we live.

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Zero Waste Wolfpack


At NC State, #WolfpackNation fans close the loop on food waste with their gameday composting and zero waste program.

83,904 lbs of food waste and paper towels has been collected from gameday and composted on campus to grow produce for our dining halls

1,110,537 lbs of cans and bottles recycled

23% reduction in landfill waste since 2015

1,119 volunteers

4,090 Volunteer hours

Internationally, regionally, and locally recognized for sustainable sports engagement

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